Affiliate Rebrand EBook

Affiliate can download this ebook rebrand tool and rebrand the ebook to their own affiliate link. After download and unzip the rapid.zip, follow the instruction below:


These are the fields you should replace:

  1. affiliateid - Override with your own affiliate id.
  2. Affiliate Website - Your WebSite Name if any.
  3. affiliate-website-link - The link to your "Affiliate Website", help you brand your website too!
  4. Your Resources - Any useful resources on your site, for example your sitemap.
  5. presenter-resources - "Your Resources" web link.

Example data. Please note the link **must not** comes with http://.

Now click Rebrand and save the rebranded pdf file with any name you like.

Open the pdf file and you will see the link on first page has been changed to your affiliate id, any time a visitor click on the link, you will be recorded as the refer affiliate.

On the 2nd page, you will notice the paragraph "Brought To You by Jason.Com", this is the name of your website, if you do not have a website, just leave it default.

Check all links on last page of the Ebook, all replaced with your affiliate links.

Now you are good to send this Rebranded EBook to your list, friends, colleagues and families! Start earning commission by just sending this Ebook!

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