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2-Tier Affiliate Program
Cynics Software Affiliate Program Offer 2-tier system, affiliates can now earn commission from 15% ~ 35% on first tier, and when his referred affiliates sell any products, he will earn 5% of the price the item his referred affiliates sold!

We will follow up, support and sold to the customer, your only task is to send us visitor and you will enjoy the commission when the visitors buy from us.

Commission Structure
To encourage affiliates to sell more, we implement accumulated sales commission system, you do not have to chase the target every month, instead all sales quantity will be accumulated, and you can enjoy higher commission as time pass when your visitors purchase from us, let's see the actual structure:

Our product price range from USD49.90, USD99.90, USD799 and USD 899. Most sold product is USD799.

Commission (%) Quantity (Unit)
15% 1 - 4
20% 5 - 10
25% 11 - 20
30% 21 - 30
35% 31 and above

Let say 5 of your visitors buy from us, the first 4 purchaser will grant you 15 commission, but the 5th purchaser will give you 20 of commission, there is no time limit when you must sell our product, as long as you continue to send visitors, your commission will grow over time...

On 2nd tier commission, you can help us recruit affiliates, when they sign up you can enjoy 5 commission every sale, they made. For example, you help us recruit 5 affiliates, and each affiliate send 1 customer to us every month, you will enjoy 5 sales X USD799 = USD3995 X 5 = USD199.75 even yourself does not make any sales!

How Do This Works?
Very simple! You just need to sign up our affiliate program, login to your affiliate panel, and you can link to us from your website with the affiliate link, or if you do not have a website, you can simply send emails to your list, friends and colleagues with the affiliate link, anyone who click through the affiliate link and buy from us, you will enjoy the commission!

Affiliate link is something like this: http://www.cynics-soft.com/?aid=789999, notice the ?aid=xxxxx part, this is your affiliate id, we use this to generate a cookie on the visitor's browser, whenever they buy, we will know who send us this customer, and we can share the profit with affiliate.

We also provide banner Ads and E-book for an affiliate to pass to their list, friends, relatives and colleagues.

How Do I Start?
You must first sign up and apply for the affiliate program, please read the terms and conditions carefully, after approval, you will get access to the:
1. Affiliate Link
2. Banner Ads
3. Rebrandable EBook

If you have a website, you can place your affiliate link, banner and Ebooks for download, these tools will help you to drive visitors to our website with your affiliate link.

Can I Buy Your Product With My Affiliate Link?
Affiliate can only buy our product with affiliate link if he / she is already a customer. Meaning the first time you must buy from us directly, and for what ever reason you need the second unit, you may buy through your affiliate link.

How Do You Pay Me?
Currently we only accept affiliate with Paypal account, this is the easiest method for us to pay you. If your country are not supported by Paypal, please contact us for arrangement. All supported countries' affiliate should apply the account for on time payment.

All payment will be made on every month 15th or 16th.

How Do You Handle Chargeback and Refund?
If unfortunately a refund or chargeback occurs, unpaid transaction will be marked refund and all paid transaction(s) will be deducted from unpaid transactions before releasing the payment on next payment date.

Feel Free To Contact Us If You Have Further Questions.


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