Accounting Software Source Code from Cynics Software is build on newest .net technology, the whole accounting system is written in  Visual Basic .Net , using  SQL Server 2005  with stored procedure programming, and the source code is totally  royalty free, meaning you can sell the software as many as you want without paying a a penny for the client license!

Technology Highlight

1. Royalty free source code - You do not need to pay for additional license to distribute your compiled software!

2. Easy Intergration
- With a simple call to SQL stored procedure, you can integrate your application within few hours.

3. Faster Time to Market
 - With Plug-in architecture and stored procedure interface, your application will be ready to market at least 50% faster!

4. N-tier .Net Remoting with Thin Client
- Cynics N-tier architecture design allows your application to scale from small to medium size corperate environment, each virtual server can support up to 40 connections without performance penalty.

5. RAD and OOP
 - Force any conventional programmer to adapt OOP and utilizing Rapid Application Developement tools provided by Visual Studio, unleash the real power of 4th generation language!

6. SQL Server Stored Procedure - All processing are coded in stored procedure, your software will never be faster!

Function Highlight      

1. Flexible Chart of Account Setup
2. Microsoft Native Reporting
3. Separation of Account and Inventory
4. Integration through automation
5. Support Multiple taxes and currencies

System Manager
Tutorial Screenshot

System Manager controls the security and document running number. User can control up to the form level, with each form's Add, Edit, Delete abd Print rights for every user under the same role settings. You can easily add new forms and security support with just simple inheritance from the plug-in Parent, all security controls will be inherited and ready to be overridden.

System Manager not only convenient and powerful to end user, developer will be able to "force" themselves into OOP and RAD design that bring extreme fast coding performance! Many old day  VB programmers will learn OOP naturally when "force" to plug-in the architecture, should be able to adapt within 1 week or 2.


General Ledger
Tutorial Screenshot

General Ledger will provide core financial reports - Profit and Loss, Balance Sheet. With a simple call to stored procedure and pass debit and credit data into the database, developer will be able to automate the data posting from existing application.

All other module will post the financial data into General Ledger, and work as the center of financial processing, at the same time General Ledger will keep track the related transacation source, user can  drill from summary report until the source transaction, convenient feature to auditing.

Flexible financial report template, allow unlimited grouping and customization to provide the related figure.

Account Receivable
Tutorial Screenshot

Account Receivable is about transaction related to customer, such as Invoice and payment, support multiple tax invoice and payment control, user will be able to track all payment with the customer's aging and customer's statement report.

Any inventory related invoices will be entered in the inventory module and import from here. With the separate of inventory and amount, developer should be easier to trace and maintain their code.

Plug-in architecture will allow developer to modify and expand the Account Receivable feature easily,  each screen added will only take from few hours to a day, instead of few days in the pass!

Account Payable
Tutorial Screenshot

Account Payable will track vendor's invoice and payment, user will be able to see the payment record and unpaid bill by vendors.

As usual, all inventory related receiving will be done at the inventory module, in normal case this will be the delivery order (DO), then pass the invoice to account department to validate and enter into Account Payable, separating inventory and amount. 

Same as Account Receivable, plug-in architecture will allow developer to modify and expand Account Payable feature easily, every added screen should not take more than 24 hours to complete.


Inventory System
Tutorial Screenshot

Inventory Module support multiple warehouses (outlets), all received items will be track under different warehouses. Item can be categorize by color, size, item group, class 1 and class 2, this will allow comprehensive reporting in the future.

Inventory module is required by Point of Sales, all POS system inventory will be handle here, track and recorded in different outlets.

With the powerful .Net remoting technology, inventory module will work on hand in hand with Point of Sales system to provide centralized reporting,  eliminate the traditional front-end and the back-end reporting unsynchronized problem.


POS - Point Of Sales System
Tutorial Screenshot

Point Of Sales system  will provide the core feature of other POS system, support multiple store (outlets) and offline transaction. User will synchronize data back to the server at the end of the day, eliminating the needs to stay online and unable to process sales during offline time.

Point Of Sales module will stored a local, temporary database with SQL Server Express, and each time the data synchronize to the server, it will reset and match the server records, eliminating all not tally records.

Point Of Sales system heavily rely on Cynics .Net Remoting architecture,  scaling the system from online to offline. With the 3-tier design, each server will serve 20 clients simultaneously, and additional server can be easily added to serve more clients.

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Great Benefits
Royalty Free
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30 days Moneyback
24Hours Integration
Stored Procedure Intf.

Build Up Technology

Visual Basic .Net
SQL Server 2005
Dot Net Platform 2.0
Dot Net Remoting
3-Tier Design
VS2005 With SP1
Visual Studio 2008

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Easy Intergration 
Faster Time to Market
Stored Procedure
Flexible Chart of Account 
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