Let's Listen To what Our Customers have to say:

Testimonial 1:
Hi, thanks to your support, I was able to prsent the demo to my boss in 3 hours, he was very impressed! We decide to use it for the rest of our projects... - James Karlson, UK

Testimonial 2:
You are right, when I switch to RAD method, my developement time is cut by half! thanks for the advise! - Ben Walson, USA

Testimonial 3:
I didn't know .net build in with remoting features, but Cynics remoting library sure did the work! Thanks to your source code I am able to link all my remote client in minimum time! BTW, can I use dial-up connection? (YES!) - Tony Lee, Hong Kong

Testimonial 4:
I follow the way you show me to plug-in more reports, but the reporting tools seems like very raw and not user-friendly at all... (This I must admit, I would recommend your own reporting tools such as Stimul report or Crystal report!) However, this seems to be Microsoft limitation rather than yours. - Karl Tan, Malaysia

Testimonial 5:
My initial planning to develop accounting solution for my software, fortunately your system save me lots of time! My client is impressed by the speed we deliver the project, thanks again! - Adulkamit Sahumi, UAE

Testimonial 6:
Me and my team has been developing ERP for the past 2 years for our company, I’m glad that we can cut down the development time by 3 months, thank you Cynics Software !! – Jason Mcgraw, Vis Technology Pte Ltd, Singapore

Testimonial 7:
I have been using Cynics Accounting start from beta for the pass 6 months, we are grateful for your fast response supports through out the development process, and I am happy to say you did a great work ! – Mark Wong, Meltech Communication Sdn Bhd, Malaysia

Testimonial 8:
After spending 2 weeks try to find a solution to my accounting project, and this is my answer ! – Sandra Lee, Daily Milk, New Zealand

Testimonial 9:
Something I really like about the system is the technology and the flexible framework for my project. – Walter Fong, Malaysia

Testimonial 10:
I work for Storewin warehouse control program and developing in house stock keeping program. I have been sourcing for open source accounting, but none seems to fit my requirement..until I found cynics. I have also tried to port my previous program from Delphi to VS, but time is limited. Cynics Accounting seems to be my answer to meet project dead line. – Jess, Storewin, USA

Testimonial 11:
My boss is so happy that I can provides our client a financial solution within 2 days ! Great work guys and thank you very much ! - Micheal Yong, Fast Track Solution Sdn Bhd, Malaysia


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