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Accounting, POS And Inventory Source Code Written In VB.Net

"Who Else Wants To Add Financial Features to Their Application in Less Than 24 Hours?" And The Best Part - You Don't Have To Pay For Every License You Sell! Re-brand The Software And Keep Your Profit, Absolutely Royalty Free! 

If you'd like to deliver your software faster to market, enhance your application architecture and reduce the development and maintenance cost, then this might be the most important website you'll ever visit - Accounting Source Code from Cynics Software.

Back when year 2006, we are looking for the same solution (Accounting Source Code) for our Point of Sales software, but failed to find any after 3 months of trial and error, then we decided to build our own Accounting solution. After 18 months of hard work and development, Cynics Accounting System is finally released! Our existing customers is very please and happy to finally have an integrated accounting system without the need to switch between both systems.

When I show the integrated system to our business partners, they were so impressed and decided to purchase the re-brand right from us, then we decided to release the source code to the public with a minimum one time charge.

Since 2007 April, the source code has been sold to over 19 countries, such as Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, Indonesia, India, Thailand, Vietnam, Sri Lanka,Philippines, USA, Canada, New Zealand, United Arab Amirates, Saudi Arabia, Hong Kong, Ghana, Italy, UK and South Africa...

Cynics Accounting Source Code Box 

Awards To Cynics Accounting

Benefits you'll received from the source code:

  • We design and code the software with Rapid Application Development & Object Oriented Programming.
    Extremely easy to enhance and modify, bring highest quality to your source code!

  • 3-tier design with dot net remoting technology.
    The system is very scalable, will be able to handle small to large scale client connection, even on low bandwidth dial up connection!

  • Cynics Plug-in architecture.
    Allow easy expansion to existing accounting feature, and superb flexibility to implement auto update.

  • Processing with SQL Server Stored procedure.
    Fastest server site processing to provide real-time reporting.

  • Totally own and loyalty free source code license.
    Rebrand and keep all the profit to yourself!

  • Integration through SQL Server stored procedure interface.
    Will be able to integrate into any software with SQL connection within 24 hours!

  • Coding in Full VB.Net source code without any 3rd party tools.
    You can plug and play the source code without spending more money on 3rd party tools.

Cynics Accounting, POS and Inventory Source Code is written in pure VB.Net language, fully compatible with Visual Studio 2005 SP1 and Visual Studio 2008. All processing related code in SQL Server 2005 Stored Procedure, utilizing the fastest processing power of SQL Server, and you can easily integrate your application with few stored procedure called!

Award Received:

 Another Awards Received By Cynics Accounting

 Listen to What our customers say...

Testimonial 1:
Hi, thanks to your support, I was able to prsent the demo to my boss in 3 hours, he was very impressed! We decide to use it for the rest of our projects... - James Karlson, UK

Testimonial 2:
You are right, when I switch to RAD method, my developement time is cut by half! thanks for the advise! - Ben Walson, USA

Testimonial 3:
I didn't know .net build in with remoting features, but Cynics remoting library sure did the work! Thanks to your source code I am able to link all my remote client in minimum time! BTW, can I use dial-up connection? (YES!) - Tony Lee, Hong Kong

Testimonial 4:
I follow the way you show me to plug-in more reports, but the reporting tools seems like very raw and not user-friendly at all... (This I must admit, I would recommend your own reporting tools such as Stimul report or Crystal report!) However, this seems to be Microsoft limitation rather than yours. - Karl Tan, Malaysia

Testimonial 5:
My initial planning to develop accounting solution for my software, fortunately your system save me lots of time! My client is impressed by the speed we deliver the project, thanks again! - Adulkamit Sahumi, UAE

Click here for more customers' testimonial.

What would you look for when selecting a smart Accounting, POS and Inventory Source Code for your application? Outline below will help you choose:

1: How much development time can the source code save you?

2: Can the source code fully unleash the power of the compiler? Not all compiler is equal, the source code should take full advantage of such compiler for the maximum productivity!

3: Is the documentation or instruction clear enough to unleash the power of the software?

4: How good is the support?

5: How easy to integrate and extend?

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed Seal

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Cynics Accounting Software Source Code can meet all criteria, and we are the only provider in this market to provide a 30 days, no question ask refund policy  ! The risk is on us, you can find more information about the money back guarantee here: Guarantee Policy.

You can contact us through email, online messaging and phone, any enquiry are welcome. Phone or online messaging are available from Monday to Friday, 9:00 am to 5 pm (GMT +8:00). For more information about the Accounting, POS and Inventory Source Code: Contact US.

You may also Sign-up GL Module Accounting Source code Trial Program, or download the compiled DEMO (Windows Installer) directly.

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Great Benefits
Royalty Free
Offline POS
30 days Moneyback
24Hours Integration
Stored Procedure Intf.

Build Up Technology

Visual Basic .Net
SQL Server 2005
Dot Net Platform 2.0
Dot Net Remoting
3-Tier Design
VS2005 With SP1
Visual Studio 2008

Download Source Code
Easy Intergration 
Faster Time to Market
Stored Procedure
Flexible Chart of Account 
Multiple tax
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